VAStone Media Digital Campaign


Describe what this proposal is about

According to the previous governance proposal made on the forum, Marketing budget. We have been working on a digital relaunch marketing campaign comprised of a team of 5 .going all the way from script writers, graphic designers , web developers , and animators , actively working to further grow the reach of the strudel finance project in order to gain some main stream traction.


A short description of the proposed change.
We propose a complete rebranding in the marketing campaign aswell as in the main website in order to improve the user experience and thus increase the amount of bitcoins in the custody of the strudel finance protocol.


Purpose: MOON


Proposal Quote


We want to take this project and take it to the next level in this new digital world.


The only reason that i can think of, is the pricing , but i believe we have done the quote below the market averages so that we can make this possible.