Strudel/Nerd Admin/Business Development Position Submission

Proposal is for me to fill the position of Admin/Biz Development in an official capacity.

To be added to the team in a official capacity in exchange for the services of the following:
-TG/Discord moderator
-Marketing Copywriter
-VC Business Developer
-Grant Application Filing

I have experience with creating, managing, and selling start ups (phase 1) and small companies (phase 2). Though mostly physical products, the crossover experience and knowledge is applicable to this project and space. Over the last 6 years, I have developed a number of contacts that would be able to advise me on profitable next steps for both Strudel and Nerd projects, and enough know-how to execute those steps within this team.

This is the first project I’ve dived into this heavy since Ethereum in early 2017. I believe in its ability to prosper and achieve the lasting protocol goals in the crypto-space, which can’t be said of every project. My value proposition for this project is via contacts, copywriting, and on-boarding of new users.

I learn quickly and can operate well in a team, with skills to execute tangible changes to the marketcap and user onboarding.

I currently have a 3 days/week irl job, but plenty of time can be made for this position, as is evident by my regular activity and work over the last month.

$1000 bi-weekly, in-line with previous admin compensation.