Shift farming rewards away from vBTC power pool


Reshift farming rewards to the vBTC spot pool (40%) and the $TRDL/ETH pool (60%).
Remove farming rewards for the vBTC Power Pool.


The purpose of the Balancer pool was to be a reserve for the resync algorithm. In the wake of its replacement, I believe it to be sensible to disable rewards for the pool.
The shift to seigniorage auctions will also entail a lower demand for vBTC liquidity for the protocol.
By incentivizing the UNI pool again we enable farmers to directly buy vBTC with their $TRDL rewards.


Set weights to 0 for vBTC Power Pool, change weight to 60 for $TRDL/ETH Pool and 40 for vBTC/ETH Pool.


The Balancer pool has a difficult routing and makes buying vBTC less straightforward than the flow through UniSwap. By concentrating the liquidity, arbitrage for trades will also likely be lower.


Existing Power vBTC LP providers will likely take action to remove Liquidity from the pool and might decide to not shift to the UNI pool.

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Currently it’s hard to buy large amounts of vBTC. If this helps with that, very good idea because arbitrage will fix vBTC’s peg. But anything that comes with the risk of weakening $TRDL is bad for the project as the token is the engine of the whole thing.

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I think moving away from balancer has merit, but I think there is a need to find ways to get more vBTC minted and without incentives how will this action happen?

Why not look at a $TRDL/vBTC pool as well? Atleast that way you have a more natural flow through.

The UniSwap routing is optimized for pools with ETH as one of the pooled tokens, a direct $TRDL/ETH pool would not have larger advantages in trading from one asset to the other. You are right however in that it might bring additional liquidity.
Our seigniorage auction system will be launched soon, to have a good price oracle for those auctions it is also necessary to have the liquidity concentrated in one place.