Promoter/Keeper Role Proposal

Since joining the Strudel Finance Community, my understanding and mindset around #defi, and its potential, has become much clearer.
Strudel Protocol stands as a unique functional outlier and has the potential to exponentially grow. As well as change the way we invest.
This project however, is incredibly complex for many new to the cryptocurrency space.

The position of promoter and keeper in the Strudel Finance Telegram is inevitable.
Those that enter into our growing community need to be nurtured, informed, and there needs to be accountability within our group.

The individual acquiring this role needs to be an individual capable of marketing Strudel and nurturing its community.
The role will help create more loyal and engaging investors, as well as bring structure to the Telegram.
This will act as a “funnel” towards more long-term investors, and create more establishment/governance within the community.
The Promoter/Keeper Role will ultimately work to benefit Strudel Finance and its investors.
It will owe Strudel Finance the fiduciary duties of: obedience, loyalty, and care.

The Promoter/Keeper must be engaged with the telegram group a “reasonable amount,” as agreed upon by current governance team.
The Promoter/Keeper will exist to facilitate for Strudel Finance Telegram Group.
The Promoter/Keeper will stand as a human filter for Strudel Finance Telegram Group.
The Promoter/Keeper must engage in consistent impression/conversion marketing tactics throughout the defi/cryptocurrency market.

Promoter/Keeper will earn 500 $trdl, or strudels, every 2 weeks.
Promoter/Keeper will earn 500 $trdl for taking on the roll, which will be added to the VBTC-ETH UNI-V2 Liquidity Pool immediately.

  • ETH/an (Strudel Finance Investor)