Networker/Recruiter Role Proposal

I, Casey Welsh (Winnie The Ape), wishes to set forth a proposal of becoming an official recruiter/networker of Strudel Finance. I have grown to understand many new concepts in the world of decentralized finance, while nothing has garnered my attention more than the future potential of Strudel Finance. In a short matter of months, I have been able to gain an exclusive role as a project researcher in Ape Team 500, headed by Crypto Warlord, I have gained access to thousands of new and exciting projects, while being able to gain relationships with some of the best Hodlers in the game. The one that immediately caught me and Ethan Lehman’s eye was Strudel Finance, as a fully operational project, $trdl links the two groundbreaking cryptocurrencies together, essentially creating an Eth/ BTC ($VBTC) bridge while being able to reap the rewards of BTC and farming ($TRDL). The team behind the ecosystem, headed by Ataxia and fellow esteemed professionals will be able to make Strudel Finance, a staple crypto and DeFI project for years to come. My role as networker/recruiter would be to recruit new people to the $trdl Finance team and reach high places, as an official team representative. I was able to convince childhood friend Ethan Lehman to get into the crypto world and he is already making a splash as admin of the official Strudel TG. I have also had success in convincing Twitter influencers in the vast potential of $trdl as a staple Crypto project @CryptoAstrologist. I have shilled on Twitter to promote along with some others and through our team efforts we have gotten the eyes of some of the biggest players of the Crypto Sphere. I have many potential candidates to recruit to the $trdl Finance TG and team through my established connections. I as one of the official representatives of Strudel Finance vow to recruit new people to the team, who I think will make great promoters and long term holders of Strudel Finance. I pledge to speak of Strudel Finance in the highest regards in order to make people fully aware of the great strengths this project may benefit the holder and farmer thereof. I ask from the Strudel Governance Team a payment of 1,000 Strudels per two weeks, as a token of my ability to grow the telegram group and add meaningful participants, who I will welcome.

Thanks for your consideration,
Casey Welsh (Winnie The Ape)