Multisig Candidate Submission

As Stated in my Admin Proposal: “Since joining the Strudel Finance Community, my understanding and mindset around #defi, and its potential, has become much clearer.
Strudel Protocol stands as a unique functional outlier and has the potential to exponentially grow. As well as change the way we invest.”
I not only stand behind Strudel Protocol’s Algorithm, Use-Cases, and Community, but I fully stand behind and believe in the person leading all of this, Ataxia.
I believe Strudel will be the first Trustless Bridge to successfully link Bitcoin and Ethereum, forever changing cryptocurrency as we know it, and linking the 2 largest assets.
I believe in Ethereum being the top cryptocurrency in the long run, as does Keno the developer.

I plan to continually develop and expand my knowledge around Strudel Protocol to help nurture and grow our community. The future is #DeFi and Strudel is the Bridge that will bring us there.

My willingness and success converting individuals into the project has spoken for itself. I am in this for the long run, and I want the rest of the community to see why they should be as well.

If there are any questions about my current role in Strudel Finance, please see my previous proposal (Promoter/Keeper Role Proposal).

Thank you Ataxia, Xavier, and everyone else in the team that has been incredibly helpful and informative moving this project forward.
I look forward to changing the future of DeFi, Crypto, and our livelihood.