Marketing/Outreach Position Proposal

This proposal is for a position as part of a marketing/outreach team.

The purpose of this role is to actively work to increase exposure to Strudel.Finance using multiple methods.

This position requires:

  • Regular use of social media (twitter, etc) in order to gain more followers and community members.

  • Outreach/recruiting in Telegram (and potentially discord) groups with prospective investors/inquirers.

  • Brainstorming of new marketing ideas (memes, copypasta, contests) to gain interest fromprospective investors and also reward and retain active community members.

  • Actively seeking out crypto influencers through Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Youtube, etc who can help share the project’s mission.

This position is necessary in order to ensure that interest for Strudel.Finance remains at a reasonable rate for project to continue its growth. It’s a role that will require constant activity and networking for optimal outreach.

Compensation: 750 TRDL, bimonthly (two weeks) at end of week (Sunday).

For: Designated position towards increasing awareness and value of project through networking.

Against: Budget, depending on how many positions are held.

  • Aircincy