Marketing Opportunity - @imcryptogoku

Afternoon All,

After speaking with Ataxia, I would be interested in joining the team as an influencer for a longer term proposal if at all possible. I’m nearing 10,000 followers on Twitter and am also involved with multiple groups that focus on both TA and FA.

After reviewing the ‘marketing budget’ thread I think it would be a great idea to get some giveaways going on Twitter to help spread the word quickly with RTs and comments. I could also help spread any articles and/or updates on the platform on a frequent basis (possibly weekly/bi-weekly reports?) and overall become a core influencer for this project.

I think that this project has plenty of potential but I do believe that many people have the issue of complexity and trying to understand how they can personally benefit from getting involved with strudel.

Lastly I would only ask for any return in $TRDL tokens unless there is a budget approved and there is an alternate preference.

Hope this covers all bases and I look forward to working with the $TRDL team. Let’s get this project some hype shall we?