Addressing the largest position of $TRDL

To ensure the continued success of the protocol I am happy to lock my tokens for a period of up to 12 * 1 month.
To counteract the inflation endured during the lock after each month, the protocol shall mint a sufficient number of tokens to keep the ratio of amount locked (currently 250k) to total supply at the current level of 15.5% of all $TRDL.

The newly minted tokens as well as the existing tokens are then put back into a lockup.
At the end of this 1 year period, the topic shall be revisited.

Pro: Largest position of $TRDL will continue to be locked


This sounds good, I think this will help soothe the minds of some too.

You’re too solid sir. Thanks for handling everyone’s worry in a great and easy, albeit unneccesary, way. You’re based AF.